Kaspersky ASAP Express Project


General description


The Kaspersky ASAP Express is a lightweight training course currently spanning 11 topics delivered in an interactive, playful format:

  • Passwords & Accounts
  • Passwords & Accounts (Advanced)
  • Email
  • Websites & the Internet
  • Social Media
  • PC Security
  • Mobile Device Security
  • Confidential Data
  • Doxing
  • Cryptocurrency Security
  • Information security when working remotely

The platform is multilingual and currently available in 8 languages: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese (Brazilian) and Chinese (and this list continues to grow). Platform localizations take into account the cultural nuances of each region, so the content isn’t a word-for-word translation, it’s a full adaptation that also includes text and images.

Each topic is an interactive block with integrated animation, flexile platform elements, test tasks, and so on. In addition to lessons, the platform includes final tests that the user must pass after completing the topic.  


My role on the Kaspersky ASAP Express Team


Basic content creation

The Kaspersky ASAP Express was created by a third party contractor led by my colleague Alexander Lunev. However, its content is entirely based on the content of the main Kaspersky ASAP platform, completely developed either by me or under my supervision (since September 2018, I’ve been managing the team responsible for creating Kaspersky ASAP content, including lessons, interface, phishing emails, etc.).

Content editing and quality control

I carried out a complete editing of all Kaspersky ASAP Express texts, controlling both the quality of the presentation and the semantic component.

Creating topics

For Kaspersky ASAP Express, I wrote two topics: “Cryptocurrency Security” and “Information security when working remotely.”  


Training materials

Each Kaspersky ASAP Express topic consists of 20-30 interactive slides, including introductory slides, theory, question slides, conclusion slides, etc. Some of the slides are animated and provided with voice-over text performed by a professional announcer. Introductory slide example:

Animated slide screenshot example:

Theory slide examples:

Question slide examples:

Conclusion slide example: