General Information on Journalism and Media Management


During my time in the media:
  • I worked as an editor in What’s New in Science and Technology and Popular Mechanics (Russian edition) magazines
  • I formed the editorial staff of the Russian Popular Mechanics website (now Techinsider) and headed it from 2015 to 2018
  • I led the Time Machine section in the World of Fiction / Mir Fantastiki magazine and some columns in other magazines
  • I wrote more than 400 articles in Popular Mechanics, World of Fiction, GQ (Russian edition), Maxim (Russian edition), Cosmopolitan (Russian edition), Tatler (Russian edition), What’s New in Science and Technology (Russian edition of Popular Science), Watch (Russian edition of Armbanduhren), Sports Facilities, Around the World / Vokrug Sveta and so on
  • I made more than 200 advertising projects and gadget reviews for the same magazines, as well as for the Popular Mechanics Russia website
  • I wrote about 1000 materials for the Popular Mechanics Russia website

…and so on.


Awards in the field of journalism
  • Literary award named after Alexander Belyaev (Belyaev Prize, 2015) for the best original series of essays (a series of essays Entertaining scientific experiments and master classes, published in Popular Mechanics in 2014)
  • XVIII National award in the field of media business Media Manager of Russia 2018 in the Electronic / Online Media nomination for expanding the brand’s territory beyond the press, the successful development of the project, and the formation of a new audience in the digital space.


Popular Mechanics Russia website editor-in-chief

From March 2015 to August 2018, I headed the editorial board of the Popular Mechanics Russia website (—now it is due to Popular Mechanics brand left Russia after the Russian invasion of Ukraine). For three years, the main indicators of the portal have more than tripled from 1,587,364 to 5,153,558 unique users per month.

For the Popular Mechanics Russia website, I wrote over 1000 texts of varying complexity (all kinds of long reads, test drives, reviews, top-10, advertising, and so on). For example:

An almost complete list of online articles in Russian can be found here.


List of published articles (paper magazines)


Popular Mechanics (Russian Edition)

Monthly circulation: from 186,000 to 230,000

  1. The legend of the Airship in the Subway. No. 9’2009. About Tsiolkovsky’s full metal airship
  2. Winged Submarines. No. 9’2009. About flying submarines
  3. Flying Steam Locomotive. No. 10’2009. About steam planes
  4. A Brief History of the Armored Tractors. No. 10’2009
  5. Wayne Belger’s Photography Ritual. No. 10’2009
  6. Camera on the Knee. No. 10’2009. How to make a camera out of a matchbox
  7. Panoramic World. No. 11’2009. History of panoramic photography
  8. Music in Glass. No. 11’2009. Master class on making a glass organ
  9. Goose Slaughter. No. 11’2009. About punt guns
  10. Hyunko Lee’s Cartoon Osteology. No. 11’2009
  11. Two-Wheeled Menace. No. 12’2009. About military motorcycles
  12. Jurassic Cinema. No. 12’2009. About the origin of animation
  13. Roger Wood’s Broken Time. No. 12’2009
  14. Race of Egg Cookers. No. 12’2009. Gadget overview
  15. Billion Pixels. No. 1’2010. About the largest photographs in history
  16. Nothing Impossible. No. 1’2010. Master class on making impossible geometric objects
  17. Paper Castles by Peter Callesen. No. 1’2010
  18. Old Pepper-Box. No. 2’2010. About multi-barrel pistols
  19. Mark Poline’s Combat Robots. No. 2’2010
  20. Heavenly Heavyweight. No. 3’2010. About round airships
  21. Super-Small Caliber. No. 3’2010. About micro-weapons
  22. James Corbett’s Abandoned Cars. No. 3’2010.
  23. A Ringed Aircraft. No. 4’2010. About closed wings
  24. Ice and Fire. No. 5’2010. Overview of air conditioners
  25. Albin Karlsson’s Slow Machines. No. 5’2010
  26. The Power of Thought. No. 6’2010. Gadget review
  27. Death Race. No. 6’2010. About cars from Mad Max
  28. The Burden of Real Cowboys. No. 6’2010. About calf roping
  29. On a Сrooked Mare. No. 7’2010. About asymmetric aircrafts
  30. Ugly Buckling. No. 7’2010. About safe cars in the 1950s
  31. With an Accuracy of 0.0001 Seconds. No. 8’2010. About timing systems in motorsport
  32. Brad Litwin’s Infinite Motion. No. 8’2010
  33. Close Encounters of the Seventh Kind. No. 9’2010. About the threat of alien attacks
  34. A wing or a fan? No. 9’2010. About FanWing
  35. Flight Attendant at the Helm. No. 9’2010. About flight simulators
  36. Andy and his Reckless Tuning. No. 9’2010. About car design by Andy Saunders
  37. Julien Berthier’s Mind Games. No. 9’2010
  38. Bridge in Motion. No. 10’2010. About drawbridges
  39. Pilots and Mechanics. No. 10’2010. Interview with F1 driver Vitaly Petrov
  40. Merry Robotics by Nemo Gold. No. 10’2010
  41. Non-Flying Vehicle. No. 11’2010. About cyclogyros
  42. Financial Pyramids. No. 11’2010. How to build pyramids from coins
  43. Unmanned Death. No. 11’2010. About unmanned boats
  44. Sophie Naylor’s Fairground Machines. No. 11’2010
  45. Sam Deal’s Iron Farm. No. 12’2010
  46. Skeet Shooting. No. 12’2010
  47. Guillotine Manual. No. 12’2010. About gadgets for smoking cigars
  48. Bowling in Orbit. No. 1’2011. About space tourism
  49. Technologies of Political Assassination. No. 1’2011
  50. Work at Height. No. 1’2011. About cranes
  51. Dark Passions of Chris Eckert. No. 1’2011
  52. Little Football. No. 1’2011. About table football
  53. The Ё-Car. No. 2’2011. About the Yo-mobil
  54. “Rinspeed” as a Lifestyle. No. 2’2011
  55. Dancing with Fire. No. 2’2011. About fire performances
  56. Iron Men of Stéphane Halleux. No. 2’2011
  57. Either a Mast, or a Sail. No. 3’2011. About turbosails
  58. The Infinite Ballad of the Orbital Wheel. No. 3’2011
  59. The Philosophical Devices of Benjamin Cowden. No. 3’2011
  60. Wheel on Wheel. No. 4’2011. About steam locomotives with several levels of wheels
  61. Engines: Original and Amazing. No. 4’2011
  62. R is for Rocket. No. 4’2011. About private rocket science
  63. Mechanical Waves of Ruben Margolin. No. 4’2011
  64. Screwing Into the Dirt. No. 5’2011. About screw-propelled vehicles
  65. Words and Sounds by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer. No. 5’2011
  66. Andy Hill’s Star Wars. No. 6’2011
  67. Drawing in the Dark. No. 6’2011. About freezelight
  68. A Look into the Abyss. No. 6’2011. About rope jumping
  69. How to Cheat the Army. No. 7’2011. About inflatable imitations of military facilities
  70. Aaron Ristau’s Manipulators. No. 7’2011
  71. Conquerors of the Bog. No. 7’2011. About trophy on quad bikes
  72. “Maybach” for the cyclist. No. 8’2011. About luxury bikes
  73. Keith Newstead’s Merry Devils. No. 8’2011
  74. Robot: Made in Russia. No. 9’2011. About video conferencing robots
  75. Moving Pictures by Kristine Suhr. No. 9’2011
  76. Giants at the Start. No. 10’2011. About European Truck Racing Championship
  77. The Word Games by Jim Jenkins. No. 10’2011
  78. A Book for Everyone. No. 11’2011. About e-readers
  79. The Birth of the Razor. No. 11’2011. About Gillette
  80. X-Rays by Nick Veasey. No. 11’2011
  81. Formula in the City. No. 12’2011. About the organization of F1 races in the big city
  82. Inside the Tank. No. 12’2011
  83. Mitjet: Popular Mechanics Starts and Wins. No. 12’2011
  84. Sam Lanyon’s Design Factory. No. 12’2011
  85. Stars on the Ceiling. No. 1’2012. About star projectors
  86. In the King’s Head. No. 1’2012. About Peter the Great Statue in Moscow
  87. The Morse Code of Karl Lautman. No. 1’2012
  88. The Robbery. No. 2’2012. About the most high-tech robberies
  89. Looking Through the Propeller. No. 2’2012. About propeller driven vehicles
  90. Is there life on Barsoom? No. 3’2012. About John Carter movie
  91. Welcome to the Safe. No. 3’2012. How safes are cracked
  92. Late to the War. No. 3’2012. About missile tanks
  93. The Ballad of the Flexible Bullet. No. 4’2012. About guided bullets
  94. Gyrocars in production. No. 4’2012
  95. 100 Rates per Shift. No. 5’2012. About ultra-fast construction of residential buildings
  96. Progress and Nostalgia. No. 5’2012. Interview with Alain Prost
  97. Babylon of the 21st century. No. 6’2012. About eVolo Skyscraper Competition 2012
  98. Let’s mow, Count Dow! No. 6’2012. About lawnmower racing
  99. Cameron’s Abyss. No. 7’2012. About the descent to the bottom of the Mariana Trench
  100. Anatomy of an Accident. No. 7’2012. How do car crashes happen?
  101. Battle of the Eiffels. No. 7’2012. About building pasta bridges
  102. Step to Artificial Intelligence. No. 8’2012. How text recognition works
  103. Mystery Garage #56. No. 8’2012. About garage #56 at the 24 Hours of Le Mans
  104. Electric Wings. No. 9’2012. About electric planes
  105. Noise Reconstruction. No. 9’2012. About devices for simulating sounds in the theater
  106. No. 9’2012. About combine derby
  107. Shut Up about Tightrope Walkers! No. 10’2012. About slacklining
  108. Flying into the Darkness. No. 11’2012. About metro train control panel
  109. Mechanical Dream. No. 11’2012. How to build the Dreamachine
  110. The Man in the Nylon Mask. No. 11’2012. How welding masks work
  111. With the prefix “super.” No. 11’2012. About Superbike World Championship
  112. No. 12’2012. About water jet vehicles
  113. Get Ready! Aim! Water! No. 12’2012. About water jet vehicles (2)
  114. Police 2025: Rise of the Drones. No. 1’2013
  115. Inducing to Victory. No. 1’2013. About arm wrestling
  116. Cars under the microscope by Alexei Safonov. No. 1’2013
  117. The smart road. No. 2’2013
  118. Don’t touch weather! No. 2’2013. About climate weapons
  119. With a Wind Speed. No. 3’2013. About high-speed sailboats
  120. Floating Plate. No. 3’2013. About round ships
  121. Non-Extra Energy. No. 3’2013. On the kinetic method of energy storage
  122. Nine Times Faster Than Sound. No. 4’2013. About rocket sled
  123. It’s Time for Steel Fragons. No. 4’2013. About flame tanks
  124. Rush the Line. No. 4’2013. On unimoto racing
  125. Star Wounds. No. 5’2013. About meteorite craters
  126. Trojan Horses of War. No. 5’2013. About military transport aircraft
  127. From Paris to Chelyabinsk. No. 5’2013. About the most fuel saving cars in the world
  128. Fast and Accurate. No. 5’2013. About fast draw
  129. When the Air Feels Heavy. No. 6’2013. About aerogels
  130. On the Sole Wing. No. 6’2013. About single blade helicopters
  131. On a Nameless Height. No. 6’2013. About the mountain shelter “11” (Elbrus)
  132. The Most English Billiards. No. 6’2013. About snooker
  133. The Dutch School of Gijs van Boon. No. 6’2013
  134. More, More Wings. No. 7’2013. About multiplanes
  135. Looking down. No. 7’2013. About penny-farthing bicycles
  136. The Simple Machines of Kristoffer Myskja. No. 7’2013
  137. Spokes and Flags by Dave Cole. No. 8’2013
  138. The Hindenburg Revival. No. 9’2013. About modern airship building
  139. Time is More Precious than Gold. No. 9’2013. About timing at the World Universiade
  140. High Parking. No. 9’2013. About multi-storey automatic parking
  141. Motorsport of the Future: Closer to Nature. No. 9’2013
  142. The Dark Shadows by Diet Wiegman. No. 9’2013
  143. Space Hands. No. 10’2013. About space manipulators
  144. Business Class Fighter. No. 10’2013. About Saker S-1 plane
  145. DTM: three mighty letters. No. 10’2013
  146. Fire Snails by Jon Sarriugarte. No. 10’2013
  147. How Megaliths Were Built. No. 11’2013
  148. A Scattering of White Spots. No. 11’2013. About white spots in science
  149. To the Moon for 20 Million. No. 11’2013. About the lunar rover competition
  150. Drawing on milk. No. 11’2013. An experiment
  151. In a Buffalo’s Skin. No. 12’2013. About the leather car
  152. Pressing tin cans. No. 12’2013. An experiment
  153. Jennifer Townley’s Ideal Patterns. No. 12’2013
  154. BelAZ Iron record. No. 1’2014. About BelAZ 75710, the world’s largest haul truck
  155. Public Transport: the Swarm Principle. No. 1’2014
  156. Ride the Panther. No. 1’2014. The test drive of Panzerkampfwagen V Panther tank
  157. Bubble in a Cube, or a Soap Tesseract. No. 1’2014. An experiment
  158. Charly-Ann Cobdak’s Vanguard Nostalgia. No. 1’2014
  159. With a Wing at the Tilt. No. 2’2014. About tilt-wing aircrafts
  160. Splashes of Frozen Time. No. 2’2014. About Marcel Christ photography
  161. Caution: Lemons on the Road! No. 2’2014. About 24 Hours of Lemons funny race
  162. Secrets of White Powder. No. 2’2014. An experiment with adsorbents
  163. Armor of the White Army. No. 3’2014
  164. Catching Ice Smoke. No. 3’2014. An experiment
  165. How to Get Out of the Room. No. 3’2014. About quests in real life
  166. Rise of the Good Robots. No. 4’2014. About DARPA Robotics Challenge 2013
  167. Arches on Wings. No. 4’2014. About the channel wing concept
  168. To Hit the Top Ten. No. 4’2014. About bowling
  169. How to get dry sand… out of the water. No. 4’2014. An experiment
  170. 100 special vehicles. 5’2014
  171. Fire Tornado. No. 5’2014. An experiment
  172. Inside NASCAR. No. 5’2014
  173. Waking up Cthulhu. No. 6’2014. About Prelude FLNG, the world’s biggest ship
  174. Man of Steel. No. 6’2014. On a table tennis match between a human and a robot
  175. Three-Dimensional da Vinci. No. 6’2014. Test drive of a 3D Pen
  176. Don’t Play with Batteries. No. 6’2014. Fire making from AAA battery experiment
  177. The Highest Point of Europe. No. 7’2014. About the conquest of Elbrus by the PM team
  178. For the First Time on Elbrus. No. 7’2014. About the conquest of Elbrus by the PM team (2)
  179. Bomb Ship. No. 7’2014. About fire ships
  180. 100 Ton Dragster. No. 7’2014. About tractor pulling
  181. The Most Dangerous Butterfly. No. 8’2014. About butterfly knifes
  182. Flaming Air. No. 8’2014. An experiment
  183. Genuine Stamps. No. 9’2014. On the protection of postage stamps from counterfeiting
  184. Cars of the Black Continent. No. 9’2014. About African cars
  185. Armor on Armor. No. 9’2014. About tank rams
  186. A Flame in a Bottle. No. 9’2014. An experiment
  187. The Race of Water Striders. No. 9’2014. About swamp buggy racing
  188. What Did Kulibin Invent? No. 10’2014
  189. Helicopter Without a Motor. No. 10’2014. About helicopter gliders
  190. Nanobots Attack. 10’2014
  191. Peter Watts’ False Blindness. No. 10’2014. An interview
  192. Sinking on Command. No. 10’2014. About the artificial flooding of ships for military purposes
  193. Light Room. No. 10’2014. Making a camera lucida
  194. The Impossible Engine. No. 11’2014. About EmDrive
  195. Lying on Nails. No. 11’2014. An experiment
  196. The Fastest Electric Bike. No. 11’2014. About the speed record for electric motorcycles
  197. Energy of Air. No. 12’2014. About pneumatic vehicles
  198. The Black Raider of Sikorsky. No. 12’2014. About Sikorsky S-97 Raider
  199. Pendulum from a Mug. No. 12’2014
  200. The Collapsing Castle. No. 12’2014. About kinetic sand
  201. Eureka, Gentlemen! No. 1’2015. About Electrolux Design Award 2014
  202. Kings of Motorsport. No. 1’2015. About MotoGP
  203. Luxury Bridge. No. 2’2015. About Viking Grace ship
  204. No. 2’2015. About machines for artificial earthquakes induction
  205. A paraffin engine. No. 2’2015. An experiment
  206. The Life in the Cylinders Intersection. No. 3’2015. About Melnikov House
  207. The Ghost Destroyer. No. 3’2015. About DD-964 Paul F. Foster destroyer
  208. Foucault’s Pendulum in the Kitchen. No. 3’2015
  209. Vertical Riding. No. 3’2015. About Formula Off Road
  210. Special Purpose Instruments. No. 4’2015. About unusual musical instruments
  211. Needles and Coins. No. 4’2015. How to pierce a coin with a sewing needle
  212. The Beauty of Harmony. No. 4’2015. How to build a harmonograph
  213. 334 km / h on … a bicycle. No. 4’2015
  214. Mechanical Fishes of ArtMechanicus Art Group. No. 4’2015
  215. Soviet Maglev. No. 5’2015
  216. Concentric Bubbles. No. 5’2015. An experiment
  217. The Art of Levitation. No. 5’2015. Exposing levitation trick
  218. Madness on Wheels. No. 5’2015. About crazy moto racing
  219. The Iron Gull. No. 6’2015. About planes using gull wings
  220. Russian Ring. No. 7’2015. About Russian Circuit Racing Series
  221. Whistle and Rustle. No. 8’2015. About Formula E
  222. Running Sect. No. 8’2015. About running
  223. Planes and Sounds by David Letelier. No. 8’2015
  224. What the World Stands on. No. 9’2015. About Philips smart lighting systems
  225. Invisible Bottle. No. 11’2015. An experiment
  226. A Quadricycle in Dakar. No. 1’2016
  227. Hearts and Motors. No. 2’2016. About the Race of Gentlemen
  228. The Correct Kilt. No. 4’2016. How to wrap yourself in a belted plaid
  229. Russian Gunfighter. No. 7’2016. About fast draw in Russia
  230. Ectoplasm Catcher. No. 7’2016. About Ectomobile
  231. Speed as a Way of Life. No. 9’2016. About world speed records
  232. Burnt Time. No. 12’2016. About the production of dial-plates by Donzé Cadrans S.A
  233. Our People in Bonneville. No. 8’2017. About the Russian team in Bonneville
  234. It’s time for Rally. No. 8’2017. About timing in WRC

World of Fiction / Mir Fantastiki

Monthly circulation: from 14,200 to 45,800

Mostly articles on history and literary criticism

  1. Discovering America for a Hundredth Time … No. 7’2010. About the people who claimed the primacy in the discovery of America
  2. On ghost rails. No. 8’2010. About ghost trains
  3. The Heirs of Dorian Gray. No. 9’2010. About works of art fanned with notoriety
  4. Non-Dante hell. No. 11’2010. About hell in various religions
  5. The fate of the child prodigy. No. 12’2010. About famous child prodigies
  6. A Prophet in his Own Country. No. 2’2011. Little-known soothsayers
  7. Locomotives: Wonderful and Amazing. No. 3’2011
  8. Gods from Machines. No. 5’2011. Living things in fiction
  9. The Dark Side of the City. No. 6’2011. About “sub-cities” in fiction
  10. Inflatable Sacrifice. No. 7’2011. About barrage balloons
  11. Welcome to the Freakshow. No. 9’2011. The history of freakshows in the USA
  12. Mysterious Number 100. No. 12’2011. On faith in the magic of numbers
  13. Peaceful Atom on Wheels. No. 12’2011. About nuclear vehicles
  14. Holy Cause. No. 1’2012. Fantastic elements in the lives of the Saints
  15. Evolution: E-Book. No. 2’2012
  16. The Grim Ethics of Dr. Dow. No. 3’2012. About unethical medical experiments
  17. Evolution: Bookbinding. No. 4’2012
  18. Evolution: Motor Racing. No. 5’2012
  19. My Heart is in the Mountains. No. 6’2012. About Scotland
  20. Popular Misconceptions: Scotland. No. 6’2012
  21. The Fourth Reich. No. 7’2012. About how Nazi criminals are hunted down
  22. Amazing Things: Radiation at Home. No. 7’2012
  23. Amazing Things: Extraordinary Bicycles. No. 9’2012
  24. The Best Remedy for the Headache. No. 10’2012. History of psychiatry
  25. Welcome to Silent Hill. No. 11’2012. About abandoned cities
  26. Evolution: Graphics Tablets. No. 1’2013
  27. 185 years of Jules Verne. No. 2’2013
  28. Infernal Machine. No. 3’2013. About engineers-illusionists
  29. Evolution: International Women’s Day. No. 3’2013
  30. Evolution: April Fool’s Day. No. 4’2013
  31. Mountains that Take Away. No. 6’2013. About the history of conquering the highest peaks
  32. The King is Dead. What’s Next? No. 6’2014. On the principles of succession to the throne in different cultures
  33. Need for Speed. No. 7’2014. About the fight for the land speed record
  34. Evolution: Speed. No. 7’2014
  35. Million Dollar Stamp. No. 8’2014. About the most expensive stamps in history
  36. Impossible to Eat. No. 9’2014. About exotic food
  37. Seven of the World’s Most Interesting Labyrinths. No. 9’2014
  38. The Olympics of 1324. No. 10’2014. About medieval sports
  39. Art Brut, or Outsider Art. No. 11’2014
  40. Seven Crazy Sports. No. 11’2014
  41. The Border of Humanity. No. 12’2014. Cruel psychological experiments
  42. Letters to the Future. No. 2’2015. About time capsules
  43. My Home is My Kingdom. No. 3’2015. About microstates
  44. Amazing Things: Fake Buildings. No. 3’2015
  45. I’m the first! No. 4’2015. About how they falsify the superiority in the field of invention
  46. Made in Russia. No. 6’2015. About inventions made in Russia
  47. Towers of Madmen. No. 7’2015. On the architectural vagaries of the mad rich
  48. The Two Lives of James Tiptree, Jr. No. 8’2015. Biographical article on James Tiptree, Jr
  49. We’re Fans of the Classic Hunters. No. 7’2016. Interview with the creators of the “Ghostbusters” (2016)
  50. The Incredible Eve. No. 9’2016. Biographical article on Eve Green
  51. Victorian Photoshop. No. 9’2016. On photomontage in the 19th century
  52. Death is Only the Beginning. No. 10’2016. About famous mummies
  53. How to Counterfeit Movies. No. 7’2017. About mockbusters
  54. Worshiping Iron Birds. No. 10’2017. About cargo cults
  55. Charlatan’s gadget. Pseudo-medical devices, part 1. No. 3’2018
  56. Charlatan’s gadget. Pseudo-medical devices, part 2. No. 4’2018

What’s New in Science and Technology (Russian edition of Popular Science)

Monthly circulation: 89,000

  1. Codex Seraphinianus. No. 5’2008
  2. How It Will Work: Teleportation. No. 5’2008
  3. With a Bicycle for Life. No. 6-7’2008
  4. Time of Palindromes. No. 11’2008
  5. Autogyro: History and Modernity. No. 12’2008
  6. A Box with a Secret. No. 1-2’2009. About Chinese boxes with secret compartments
  7. Goldbach’s Problem. No. 3’2009
  8. Find Yourself on the Net. No. 3’2009. About how search engines work
  9. Predatory Things of the XXI Century. No. 3’2009. About the main inventions of the 2000s
  10. SAAS: Software as a Service. No. 4’2009
  11. “Bicycle Day”, or Dr. Hofmann’s Problem Child. No. 4’2009. History of lysergic acid diethylamide
  12. Two Lives of Wernher von Braun. No. 4’2009. Biographical article on Wernher von Braun
  13. Suez Canal: a Successful Scam. No. 4’2009
  14. Messages to Distant Worlds. No. 4’2009. About Active Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence
  15. Internet Explorer 8: a Look into the Future. No. 5’2009
  16. The Tale of the Cities of the Future. No. 5’2009. About earthquake-resistant buildings
  17. HP Photosmart C6383: Fast and Independent. No. 5’2009
  18. Technique for a Hero. No. 5’2009. About kamikaze pilots
  19. Stairway to Heaven. No. 6’2009. Airshow overview
  20. Electronic Paradise. No. 6’2009. Overview of the technical exhibition
  21. D-ROLL: Digital Scroll. No. 6’2009
  22. Secure Clench. No. 6’2009. About railway couplings
  23. Husqvarna: 300 Years of Absolute Quality. No. 6’2009
  24. Four rings. No. 9’2009. The Audi story
  25. If you Like to Ride, Know How to Drive. No. 9’2009. Interview with the owner of a computer company
  26. The Tale of the Flying Ferry. No. 9’2009. About flying ferry bridges
  27. What is Written on the Face. No. 11’2009. About physiognomy
  28. Miele: Time-Tested. No. 11’2009
  29. Let Your Way be Smooth! No. 11’2009. About asphalt paving techniques

Sports Facilities

Monthly circulation: 5,200

  1. Olympic Green. No. 1’2010. On the environmental friendliness of Olympic objects
  2. Sport is for People! No. 1’2010. On the mass sports culture
  3. A Star for Safety. No. 1’2010. On the safety of sports facilities
  4. Steep Slides. No. 1’2010
  5. Break the Barrier, and Put Up a Ramp. No. 2’2010. On the accessibility of sports facilities
  6. To Reach, to Fit in, and to Pass One Another … No. 2’2010. On the accessibility of sports facilities
  7. Requires an Update. No. 3’2010
  8. Features of National Approaches to the Selection and Training of Athletes. No. 4’2010
  9. From Green Projects to Green Development. No. 5’2010. On the environmental friendliness of sports facilities
  10. Russian Races. No. 6’2010. About motor racing in Russia
  11. From Green Projects to Green Development. Special Edition 1 (March 2011). On the environmental friendliness of sports facilities
  12. Freedom of Movement. Special Edition 1 (March 2011). On the accessibility of sports facilities

Oracle (newspaper)

Monthly circulation: from 480,000 to 510,000

  1. Ben Underwood’s Sonar Vision. No. 2’2012. Biographical article on Ben Underwood
  2. Burgundy and its capitals. No. 12’2012
  3. Harbor of Edmond Dantès. No. 10’2014
  4. Unruly Mountain. No. 2’2015. About attempts to conquer K2.
  5. Life on the Altar. No. 2’2015
  6. Personal master of Peter the Great. No. 4’2015. Biographical article on Andrey Nartov
  7. Contactor of mankind. No. 7’2015. Biographical article on Carl Sagan
  8. Land of Eternal Autumn. No. 7’2015. About Scotland
  9. In the Footsteps of Jesse James and the Pony Express. No. 9’2016. Biographical article on Jesse James


Monthly circulation: 10,000

Culturological articles about the literature of various regions

  1. India and the Middle East. No. 4’2013
  2. The Unifying Factor. No. 5-6’2013
  3. On the Great Water. No. 7-8’2013
  4. Petersburg Accent. No. 9’2013
  5. Ode to Immigration. 11’2013
  6. The Piggy Bank of the Whole Europe. No. 10’2013
  7. Colonial Legacy. No. 12’2013/1’2014

Watch / Chasy (Russian edition of Armbanduhren)

Monthly circulation: from 30,000 to 100,000

  1. The Chimes. No. 6’2009. About chiming clock
  2. Best Men’s Friends. No. 1’2011. Gadget overview
  3. Blade of Power. No. 2’2011. Knives overview

GQ (Russian Edition)

Monthly circulation: 60,000

  1. Press the Button. No. 2’2015. About kinetic art.
  2. Grounds of Things: GQ’s 30 Life Enhancers. No. 10’2015. Gadget overview

Bulletin of Aeronautics / Vestnik Vozduhoplavania

Monthly circulation: 3,000

  1. Between Heaven and Earth. No. 1’2010. About stratospheric unmanned airships.
  2. Stamps for Special Purposes. No. 1’2010. About Zeppelin mail

Maxim (Russian edition)

Monthly circulation: 220,000

  1. A Highway Philatelist. No. 2’2013. Biographical article on Burt Kerr Todd

Cosmopolitan (Russian edition) / The Voice Mag

Monthly circulation: from 250,000 to 865,000


  1. To Reduce to Automatism. No. 2’2011. About sex robots.
  2. Kept what she had. No. 6’2023. About popular online scams and how to avoid them.

Tatler (Russian edition)

Monthly circulation: 120,000

  1. Space Hotel. No. 4’2011. About space tourism.

 Around the World / Vokrug Sveta

Monthly circulation: 231,500

  1. Chamber Life of the Chateau d’If. No. 10’2015

 L’Officiel Voyage (Russian Edition)

Monthly circulation: 30,000 

  1. Memories of the Future. No. 26’2019. About retrofuturism in automotive design.

 Real Estate Salon / Salon Nedvizhimosti

Monthly circulation: 30,000

  1. Bernie Ecclestone. Nothing personal. No. 10’2014. Biographical article on Bernie Ecclestone

Technology for the Youth / Tekhnika – Molodezhi

Monthly circulation: 46,800

  1. Live Photographs of Arthur Mole. No. 6’2010. Biographical article on Arthur Mole

Knowledge is power / Znanie – Sila

Monthly circulation: 5,000

  1. Vladimir Yourkevitch’s bulbous bow. No. 7’2018. Biographical article on Vladimir Yourkevitch

Deltiology / Philokartia

Monthly circulation: 500

  1. Soviet Sets of Aeroflot Postcards. No. 2’2017

New World / Novy Mir

Monthly circulation: 3,000

  1. Tim Skorenko’s Bookshelf. No. 3’2015. Review of favorite books.

Auto business-weekly (newspaper, Minsk, Belarus)

  1. The Bike Is Not So Scary. 29.06.2007. How to ride a bike in a big city.

Literra (almanac, Minsk, Belarus)

  1. Versification: Rhyme. No. 1’2007. Article on literary criticism

The End of an Era / Konetz Epokhi (almanac)

  1. Co-author of Robert Shtilmark. No. 3’2009. Biographical article on Robert Shtilmark